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I haven't disappeared, I promise. Livejournal doesn't like my ISP, but hopefully it's been fixed. I'll get to the Handler. Right now, I'm at home with early onset pneumonia. Sucks. Be well, everyone.
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PSA ~ Goodreads

Holy cow. Some how the Texas Series is on Goodreads O.O I was surfing along and thought what the heck, I'll just google my username and bam,

I'm still kind of in shock. Read the reviews, and I almost want to say "Hey, hey, hey, the Texas Series was only my second attempt at writing, and one of the few I actually finished!"

*cringe* I love Texas and all of the characters, and yes, it needs much more polish. I know that now, I try to do better now. But I know how easily I could get swept up into that world again if I tried to go back and edit it, rather than keeping the book closed as it were.

So if you are brought here by goodreads to read the Texas series, welcome. Just give the amateur writer a pass for wanting to tell a story without getting caught up in all the literary mechanics. *face palm*

That being said, Collapse )